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Congratulations! Your order is confirmed!

For next steps on how to get access to EzAlgo, claim your Discord roles by going to your Whop hub or by clicking here. If you are signed out, please log in using your email associated with purchase. Under My Products you should see EzTrades Pro along with Your Perks. Click Join Discord Server.

Once inside, enter your TradingView username in the #algo-access form.

For any help navigating the Discord or other questions regarding access, please open a support ticket in the #support channel in the Discord.

Happy Trading!

1. Click "Join Discord Server" from your Hub on Whop

Login using the email associated with your purchase. Go to "Account settings" and click the "Connected accounts" tab.

2. Find the #algo-access channel

After connecting your Discord with Whop and joining the EzTrades Discord server, find the "algo-access" channel.

3. Click on the button to view the form

There will be a link to a Discord form inside the chat. Click the "Click Here" and follow the next steps.

4. Enter your TradingView username in the form

Enter your TradingView username in the pop-up form. Within 24 hours of submitting you will receive EzAlgo!

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