Affiliate Program

Earn recurring income by referring new users.

30% Commission

You can get a 30% recurring commission on all of our plans.

Monthly Income

Create a monthly income by using our referral program.

Referral Tracking

Track your total daily income all through our dashboard.

How does it work?


Login to your account on Whop

Login to your account on Whop and click on the "Your Hub" link to view your dashboard.


Find your Affiliate Links

From the "My Hub" page click on the "Refer Friends" link to view your available affiliate promotions.


Share your links to refer new customers

You will see all your available affiliate links in the "Made For You" tab. Each plan has a unique link, so be sure to share the link relative to the plan that you're promoting.


Claim your Payout

Payouts can be claimed at any time. To claim a payout login to your Whop Dashboard and head over to Account Settings > User Settings. From there you will see a button that says “Withdraw Balance” as well as your balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

We accept any and all creators that are members of an EzAlgo tier. Simply follow the guide above to receive your custom affiliate link.

How do I receive payouts?

All payouts will be sent directly to your Whop account. You can cash out your balance at any time to the bank account associated with Whop account.

How much commission will I make?

You will start at 30% recurring commission for customers you refer that sign up using your unique link.

We can offer higher commissions over time as more customers are referred. If you have a sizeable trading group that you want to refer to EzAlgo, feel free to contact us via a Support Ticket in Discord and we can offer up to 60% commission.

How do I track my conversions?

You will see all referrals within your Whop Dashboard. This includes number of referrals and your total monthly recurring income.

What is the cookies period for my custom link?

The cookies period for referrals is 24 hours.

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